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Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy in Hanover | Andrea Tomczyk


A new groundbreaking method:

Moving away from the classical approaches to therapy, which are often very lengthy. Instead, ask yourself the question: "What does anxiety do to the brain?" The key is the latest findings in brain research and the discovery of neuroplasticity.

A therapy that can help to quickly reduce anxiety and panic attacks. With the best techniques from different therapies, it is possible, with regular practice and application, to even completely overcome the anxiety disorder. The way we think changes our brain and anxiety also changes the way we think.

Every thought changes the brain. So there are thoughts that train the brain to think "fear" and then it becomes automatic. So what thoughts do we need to train and acquire a positive way of thinking?

Conventional therapies often apply confrontation to fears. However, we don't need to go through hell to get rid of fears! I show which techniques can be used to stop fears immediately and train positive thinking with those affected.

Furthermore, negative thinking structures that make life difficult for us are uncovered. These are replaced by positive thinking structures with which a calm, happy and easy life is possible.

The pillars of anxiety therapy:

  • Understanding fears
  • Stop techniques
  • Learning to think positively

Changing existing negative thinking structures into positive thinking structures.

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