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Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy in Hanover | Andrea Tomczyk


Every now and then we are all a little obsessive.
Only when fears and worries become constant companions is there a need for action. When the frequency with which negative thoughts impose themselves or certain actions have to be
performed again and again increases significantly.

2-3% of the population experience uncontrollable thoughts and/or impulses.

Some suffer from a compulsion and others from a range of different compulsions.

Examples of common compulsions:

  • Cleaning / washing compulsion
  • Control compulsion
  • Repetition/counting compulsion
  • Compulsion to touch
  • Compulsion to order
  • Compulsive thoughts without compulsive action

Compulsions are unconsciously learned behaviour. Everything we have learned, we can unlearn if we know the right method.

With this method, many sufferers have already managed to overcome even stubborn compulsions.

Get rid of compulsions with special mental training (imagination techniques and mental exercises).

Ways to find your way back to a compulsive life step by step. However, you should plan for at least a few months.

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