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Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy in Hanover | Andrea Tomczyk

Burnout therapy

Get professional help when everything becomes too much for you!

In the world of work today, there is usually a lot of time and performance pressure.
Many people also feel this pressure of demands and expectations in their private lives and in their free time. Sometimes there are really high demands, but sometimes there are also excessive selfdemands. All of this causes stress, which can make people unhappy and ill in the long run.

Time to pull the emergency brake! As a non-medical practitioner for psychotherapy with a focus on burnout as well as anxiety, panic attacks and phobias, I am your contact.

When should I consider burnout treatment?

Many people know the feeling that sometimes everything is too much for them. However, when stress becomes a permanent condition, it can have psychological and physical effects.

Typical symptoms of burnout are:

  • Chronic fatigue and exhaustion, even during periods of relaxation (holidays).
  • Distancing from work, loss of interest and connection to work
  • Physical complaints: Sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, headaches and back pain, dizziness, palpitations
  • Irritability, anxiety, nervousness, resignation
  • Concentration disorders, reduction of cognitive performance

However, the symptoms of burnout are not uniform. This is another reason why there is still no recognised medical diagnosis. Nevertheless, a burnout therapy can be useful if you find yourself in the description.

Burnout is often confused with depression. This is because there are symptoms that show up in depression as well as in burnout. These include, for example, depressed mood, lack of drive, loss of interest and joy.

Burnout therapy in my practice in Hanover

Those affected need a special and above all very individual form of therapy. Here, for example, it is important to reduce external stress and excessive demands on performance as much as possible. In burnout therapy we train new ways of thinking. These can lead to a healthy way of dealing with stress and demands, even after the therapy, in order to be able to lead an easy and relaxed life in the long term. Contact me to make an appointment for burnout treatment.

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