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Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy in Hanover | Andrea Tomczyk

Anxiety therapy

Anxiety disorders destroy many lives. Even if the number sounds unbelievable at first, the number of unreported cases in Germany is probably far higher than 60 million. Anxiety disorders change lives, interfere with relationships, have a negative impact on work and family. It is anxiety that makes life no longer worth living.

If anxiety also determines your life and you are looking for a way out, you have come to the right place. As a trained alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, I offer anxiety therapies, among other things.

When does anxiety therapy
make sense?

Anxiety is first of all a completely natural mechanism of the body to trigger stress and thus to be able to protect itself better in case of danger. However, if anxiety gets out of hand and becomes uncontrollable, it can be unhealthy in the long run and significantly reduce the quality of life. An anxiety disorder is not always easy to recognize because, unlike a panic attack, it does not necessarily cause visible physical symptoms. Rather, it is an illness that is accompanied by changes in personality or even social withdrawal.

People who suffer from an anxiety disorder sometimes find it difficult to break the vicious circle on their own. An anxiety therapy with an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy can be useful to overcome fears.

Overcoming fears quickly and sustainably

I have gathered my own experience in this field. For this reason, it is a matter close to my heart to help those affected to get rid of their fears. This may not seem so special, because many have started out to reduce fear. This often happens in sessions lasting months, years or even a lifetime.

The anxiety therapy I offer is characterised by speed and sustainability. I want to help you actually get rid of anxiety. This is not about making anxious people brave. Rather, I support you in freeing yourself from fears and living a happy life. If you are interested, I look forward to hearing from you.

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